Matthew Twitchett

Matthew Twitchett

Veterinary Surgeon

Matthew Twitchett BVSc MSc (Wild Animal Health) MRCVS

Matthew grew up in Hertfordshire in a household full of a variety of furry, feathered and scaly pets. He was lucky enough to spend all of his school holidays on the island and as a teenager worked full time at the Isle of Wight Zoo. It was almost inevitable then that Matt the schoolboy would end up as Matt the Vet Student…

Matthew qualified from Bristol University Vet School in the class of 2000. He worked in various small animal practices before taking his Masters in Wild Animal Health based at the Royal Veterinary College and London Zoo in 2006, during which time he also worked as an emergency vet in the UK’s first dedicated emergency clinic.

Shortly after gaining his Masters Matthew travelled to Australia to work at Adelaide Zoo where he enjoyed both the local wildlife and culture. On returning to the UK Matthew then spent some time working in London before returning to the Island in 2010 to cover the veterinary care at The Isle of Wight Zoo twenty years after having last worked there as a zoo keeper. As well as covering the zoo work, Matthew worked at various Island practices, most recently as Senior Vet in Pet Doctors.

Matthew is very excited about opening up a practice that is truly focused on providing total care for the pets of the Island. Working alongside Ian, his friend and colleague from vet school, Matthew and his team can now offer a service that covers everything from vaccines to complex specialist surgery in a warm friendly local environment.