Repeat Prescriptions

The Pharmacy will be open Monday to Friday during working hours and on Saturdays 9.00am until 12pm. You can either phone and select the pharmacy option or email

As a Registered Qualified Person (RQP’s), we follow ‘A Code of Practice’ issued by the Secretary of State through the Veterinary Medicines Dictorate (VMD), under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR). By law we must, as RQP’s, abide by the Code of Practice. This Code is available on the relevant websites outlining what we must follow.

A mouth full we know, but it is important for you to understand!

Categories of medications

POM – V RCVS 10.2.a – A Veterinarian can only prescribe this medication type once they have carried out a clinical examination of an animal under their care. This can be supplied by a Veterinary Surgeon or Pharmacist

POM-VPS – A prescription only medication which a Veterinarian, Pharmacist or Suitably Qualified Persons can prescribe and supply this classification on medication.

NFA-VPS – This can be supplied by a Veterinarian, Pharmacist, and Suitably Qualified Persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay for a written prescription?

We are advised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to apply a professional fee of reasonable charge, for writing out a written prescription. RCVS 10.3

A written prescription is normally valid for 6 months, or shorter depending on the product or what the Veterinary Surgeon or SQP deems appropriate for that patient. RQP’s are told to dispense the minimal amount for that animal. Veterinary Surgeons are allowed to dispense controlled drugs on written prescriptions but, by law, a Veterinary Surgeon is only allowed to dispense 28 days of medication. This means another written prescription must be written every time you order your pet tablets every month.

Why does your Veterinary Surgeon request to see re-examine your pet?

Your Veterinary Surgeon, by law, has to carry out a clinical examination of the animal under their care. Each animal will need to be seen before they can have certain medications prescribed.  The Veterinary Surgeon will advise you what they feel is the best care for your pet. Each time your pet is examined, there will be a professional fee.

Why can I not return certain medications?

Certain medications are temperature sensitive, which means that they are required to be stored in a controlled environments. Each of our medications are temperature controlled and recorded from the wholesaler to when they are supplied to you for your pet.


I think my pet has had a suspected reaction to the medications?

As with human medications, an adverse reaction luckily doesn’t occur often, but when it does then please contact your Veterinary Surgeon. We are obliged to report suspected adverse reactions to the marketing authorisation holder of the suspected surveillance scheme (SARSS) of the VMD.


Are there fake veterinary medicines available on the internet retail?


Unfortunately there are some companies who pose to provide legitimate prescription veterinary medicinal products online who do not ask for a Veterinary written prescription.  Make sure that when you are buying a product online, which requires a written prescription you are asked by that retail company to supply the original copy.


Why do I have to post my original prescription from my Veterinary Surgeon?

Previously, written prescriptions could be emailed, attached as a scanned document on the retail website or faxed. To reduce fraud, it is now a legal requirement to post the original copy to the retail supplier providing your product through their online service.

Alternatively, as your Veterinary Practice, we can stamp and fax the original prescription with the order number on.