Happy Pets Health Plan

Here at Island VetCare we truly believe prevention is better than cure. We also understand how sometimes it can be difficult to budget for our pet's care. That is why we have designed our preventative health care scheme to help you and your pets. We have kept the scheme as simple and as affordable as possible whilst offering a broad as possible support for your pets including vaccines and parasite control.

What's different about our plan?

There are four categories: dogs, rabbits, indoor cats and outdoor cats, reflecting the difference in the various needs of indoor cats.

Free nutrition consultations with our pet health counsellor and 10% of Royal Canin food: correct nutrition can help prevent a large number of health issues we see in our pets, our PHC can advise on prevention and treatment for many of these issues.

£5 off an initial consultation with Kieran Brown, clinical animal behaviourist of Wight Animal Behaviour.  Behavioural issues can have a serious impact on both our pet's health and our own quality of life. Like all other health issues, early intervention is preferred but it's never too late to ask for help.

Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD) is a rapidly fatal illness that rabbits can contract from contaminated food or clothing; it can even potentially be blown from infected wild rabbits in the wind.  Over the last 5 years there has been an increase in a second strain of the disease called RHVD2. Our rabbit health plan includes yearly vaccines against both types of RVHD as well as myxomatosis.  For outdoor rabbits at a higher risk we give RHVD2 vaccine every 6 months.

To join our Happy Pets Health Plan please call (01983) 214747 or pop by the practice for more details.
PLEASE NOTE: Three months payment is taken in advance to start the plan and the direct debit will start 3 months later.