19th July 2021 – Lifting of Restrictions

Following the decision in England to remove legal COVID-19 restrictions on Monday 19th July, we & our large, predominantly young team, have considered what we feel is the best way forward.

Our team contains many that are not yet fully vaccinated, & some that are clinically vulnerable, so to ensure both staff and client safety, we have decided to continue with our current level of COVID measures, with the intention of reviewing again at the end of the summer.

  • We are very happy to have clients in the building with their pet during consultations
  • We require our clients to CONTINUE TO WEAR FACE MASKS, hand sanitise and maintain social distancing while in the practice.
  • For any clients (except for those exempt), who prefer not to wear a mask, we will conduct the consultation outside with you and your pet.
  • To help reduce footfall through the clinic, we are continuing to ask our clients to collect food & repeat prescriptions ordered (giving 48 HOURS notice) outside the practice. Please give us a call from the car park.

Would like to thank you for your cooperation over the past year and a half but to help maintain our veterinary provision, and to protect the welfare of our patients, we hope you understand why we need to continue to maintain a high standard of virus security.

4th January 2021 – Tier 4

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021!

Island VetCare wishes all of our clients a Happy New Year. We hope you are all keeping well and wanted to update you in light of entering the new year in Tier 4 with rapidly rising cases on the Island.

We will continue to see all urgent cases but there is a chance that some non-urgent cases, including some neutering procedures, will need to be postponed for up to a month.  This all depends on how the Covid crisis impacts on staffing levels over the coming months.

Since opening three years ago we’ve been able to welcome thousands of new clients to our practice and so it is with some sadness that we have taken the decision to close our books to new clients during January.  We feel that this is the best way to ensure we can continue to maintain the high level of care to our clients and their pets.  We will still register new pets for current clients and potential new clients are welcome to register their interest and will be contacted as soon as our books reopen.

If you have any questions at all please contact us on 01983 214747.

Stay safe! Matt and the Team

5th November 2020 – Winter Lockdown Update

Since the beginning of the first lockdown we have been taking measures to protect our staff and patients. During the lockdown (starting this week) we will continue to provide veterinary care for all of your pets.

• The current measures of only allowing owners to accompany their pets into the practice under very specific circumstances (for example, for euthanasia) will still apply.
• For the duration of the lockdown “non-essential” visits, such as six month health checks and some neutering procedures, will be put on hold.
• If Boosters are due, we are advising to delay for the initial month and advising clients to book for the week following the 7th December unless in exceptional circumstances (for example, working dogs).  Please call if you are unsure.
• We will also offer telephone consultations in cases where we might be able to help your pet without a hands on examination.
• Flea and Worm treatment can still be collected form our practice, please call to order and allow 48 hours before collecting.
• In all circumstances please call if you have any enquiries.

We have been overwhelmed with how understanding and supportive our clients have been since March and now that we are in another period of stricter measures ask for that to continue.

Please be reassured that we are here to help look after your pets, their welfare always has been and always will be our priority, this means that if you have any concerns please contact us as you normally would and we will give you the advice you need.

25th April – LATEST UPDATE

Firstly would like to say a very big thank you to all of our clients who have been very understanding of the changes we have made in order to continue to offer care to all of our patients whilst protecting both our clients and staff from the risk of exposure to Covid-19.  I would like to add that I’m very proud of the way our staff have risen to the challenge of adapting to a completely new way of working so that they can continue to do what they love and look after pets in need of care.

We are constantly reviewing and updating what we do and how we do it and in the light of updated guidance from our professional bodies we have increased the range of services on offer as listed below but continue to maintain our policy of only providing essential care and asking owners to remain outside whilst we examine their pets inside.  We also continue to offer telephone consultations in cases where we might be able to avoid a trip to the vets altogether.

Please continue your support and understanding, we are doing all we can to minimise the spread of Covid -9 whilst protecting the welfare of your pets. In all cases please just call us and we will let you know how we can best help.


Puppy courses and boosters can go ahead on schedule.  The main risk to adult dogs is leptospirosis, which is picked up from rats, normally when infected rats have contaminated water. If you can minimise the risk from leptospirosis by avoiding areas where there are a lot of rats and keep your dog out of ditches rivers and streams, then you will lower any risk associated with delaying the vaccine.  If you feel your dog is at risk then please talk to us and we can book them in for their booster.

Kittens and adults cats should be kept indoors where possible, as the risk of not vaccinating will be minimal.   However, this isn’t always possible and so we will carry out vaccinations based on a telephone consultation to discuss the risks.. Adult cats due their annual booster should remain protected for 3 months beyond the due date and so delaying their booster won’t put them at risk.

Rabbit vaccines will be given to any rabbit that hasn’t had a vaccine within the previous 12 months.


In all cases of neutering we will need to discuss your pets individual circumstances to find out if neutering (surgical or via an implant) is essential. Please call us if you would like to discuss neutering in your pet and one of our vets will call you back.

If anybody has any concerns or questions then please do call us, we are here to help.  We will always see any pet in need of attention and continue to offer 24/7 emergency care, just call our 01983 214747.


3rd April 2020 – LATEST UPDATE


While we continue to work in these extraordinary times Island VetCare would like to give an update on how we are currently operating. Our procedure is to help protect you, our staff and to help prevent further spread of Coronavirus into the wider community. So far, our clients have been very supportive and we thank you all for your continued understanding.
Our practice OPENING HOURS are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (We are still available 24 hours a day for emergency calls).
Currently we will only be seeing pets that are in need of essential veterinary attention. Please don’t worry if you are unsure of how urgent veterinary attention is for your pet, simply call as you normally would and we will be able to advise on whether a hands-on examination by a vet is essential. If it’s not we will be able to offer you a telephone consultation with one of our vets.

As an example, after the initial vaccine course and booster most pets will still be protected for a good 2-3 months beyond the 12-month booster date and so boosters can be postponed without putting your pet at risk. However, please contact your kennels directly for advice should you be looking to kennel your pet.

In order to comply with social distancing in all but the most exceptional circumstances, our clients will be asked to remain outside the practice (or in their cars) whilst we examine their pet inside. Their pet will then be brought back to them along with any medication. We can take card payments over the phone – this is preferable to handing cash payments.

If you need to pick up medications a similar process is in place. Please call us on arrival and we will safely hand the medicines over to you at our front door. We can also post medication out when required. Please call first if you need medication.

Please also abide by the government advice about limiting travel and movement by combining bringing your pet to the vet or collecting medication with,for example, a trip to get food supplies or other essentials.

Thank you again for your understanding at this time. Please call us if you have any questions and look after yourselves.

Take care!

The Team at Island Vetcare

20th March 2020
We hope all of our clients are staying safe and well. We are continuing to monitor and update our protocols daily in order to maximise protection of our clients and staff whilst minimising any impact on the level of care we give to our patients. For more detailed information on our protocol please see below:
1. We ask that all clients remain in their cars in our car park and phone us on arrival. We will then phone back to let you know to come straight in to reception and directly to the consult room. If you prefer then feel free to walk your dog around our grounds whilst waiting to be called in. Clients arriving on foot can take a seat just outside the front door weather and health permitting as for the most part our waiting rooms will remain empty. However, on the odd occasion where a client needs to sit down indoors then our seats are placed 2 metres apart. Our children’s play is no longer in use. Seats and door handles will be disinfected between clients
2. Please use the hand gel provided.
3. Ideally a single person should accompany each pet but we understand there will be some circumstances where some of our clients will need to bring along a child or a helper.
4. Any clients in the at risk group or anyone with particular concerns should ideally ask a friend or neighbour to bring their pet in on their behalf. However, if this is not possible then we can make arrangements to see your pet without you entering the building. Please call us first to discuss any concerns you have and we will take all necessary precautions.
5. For clients wanting to pick up medication similar guidance applies, please remain outside the building and call us on arrival. If requested we can post medication out to clients. Due to potential delays in deliveries to us please give as at least 4 days notice if you wish to order more medication.
6. Like most businesses we expect to suffer some staff absence over the course of the epidemic. We are already protecting our most vulnerable staff and where possible staff are working from home. Although we strive to provide continuity with the same vet it might be that circumstance dictate that sometimes you might have to see a different vet. We appreciate your understanding and so far we have had some lovely feedback from our clients. As always your pets are our priority and we will continue to offer the highest level of care to all of our pets and their owners.
The team from Island Vetcare